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Confessions of a Campagnolo Lover

Hi, my name is Thomas and I love Campagnolo, which probably makes this the most biased article you’ll ever read about the subject of drivetrains. We just got a brand-new closeout of some choice Italian parts that are about to drop

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Really, Really Crazy Bike Ideas: Nashbar Video Round-Up

We’ve picked a few of our favorite videos to share with you from around the internet. If there’s one thing that these videos have in common, it’s that the people in them are pushing the envelope on what is acceptable

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Throwback Thursday – Vintage Road Bikes from Nashbar in 1991

A page out of history…Nashbar’s own history from 1991, that is. Vintage road bikes are hot today, but riders were drooling over these Guerciotti frames back in 1991; and for good reason. Not only were they gorgeous, but they took

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Going Clipless – Be one with your Bike

Many called it crazy, but clipless pedals are one of the greatest innovations in the history of cycling. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about and if clipless is right for you, here’s some info to help you

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Cycling Utopia – Do-able or Dubious?

By Aaron T. – Copywriter Hi-born master of architecture and eccentricity Lord Norman Foster is in the news with his latest proposal:  a 137-mile network of bike lanes built on a continuous platform above London’s age-old railway lines. Widespread skepticism

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