Fast Fixes: How To Lube Your Chain

Learning how to lube your chain is one of the most important maintenance tasks that you can do for your bike. Establishing a regular chain lubrication routine does wonders for not only ensuring a quiet, efficient drivetrain but also to achieve the maximum lifespan out of your equipment.

Less is more

The primary thing to remember about chain lubrication is “less is more”. In fact, each rivet/bushing of the chain just needs one drop of lube. Lathering the chain with a gratuitous amount of lube just makes it that much easier for dirt and grime to built up on the chain – which is exactly what you don’t want. That is also why we prefer a lube in liquid form, as opposed to a spray applicator, for the ultimate in precision application.

Apply one drop of lube to each link of the chain.

Apply one drop of lube to each link of the chain.

A tip to make sure you make a complete revolution through the chain is to start the lube application process at the chain’s master link (if your chain has one) and then back pedal the chain as you lube until the master link appears again. It’s easiest to perform this task if the bike’s in a workstand, but it can also be done with the bike leaning against a wall as well. If your chain doesn’t have a master link, it takes approximately 3 full revolutions of the crank arm to run the chain completely through its course.

Wipe off excess

Once lube has been applied, use a clean rag to wipe off any excess lube on the chain and then shift through your gears to make sure the lube makes its way thoroughly into the drivetrain.

Use a rag to wipe away any extra lube.

Use a rag to wipe away any extra lube.

Whether you use a wet or dry lube, the application process is the same. The wet lube, opimized for wet/sloppy/muddy/more extreme conditions, will remain wet on the chain while a dry lube, perfect for dry/dusty conditions, utilizes an alchol base that dries and leaves a film on the chain. Ideally, you’ll let a dry-lubed chain sit a few hours before riding after application to ensure the chain is dry and fully set.

How often should you lube your chain?

That depends on your mileage as well as the conditions. When riding lower mileage in dry conditions, you may be able to go multiple weeks while harsher conditions – wet and/or muddy – warrants more regular attention.

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Whoa! A free set of wheels!

That’s right folks, Profile Design has helped us offer you a smokin’ deal on some wheels. While supplies last, if you buy a set of Profile Design 38/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheels or Profile Design 58/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheels you’ll get a free set of Profile Design 30/TwentyFour Alloy Road Wheels. That’s a $379.99 value – FREE!


The Profile Design 30/TwentyFour alloy wheelset is a super-strong, super-reliable set of road wheels that are ideal for training or general all-around use. They feature 30mm deep aluminum rims that provide an aero advantage while still handling well in crosswinds. Their TwentyFour series aluminum hubs use sealed cartridge bearings to roll super-smooth while the 20 front/24 rear wheel spoke count is optimized for performance. And if you have a set of Profile Design’s TwentyFour Series carbon wheels, these work seamlessly as a set of training wheels since the wheels share identical 24.5mm width rims.

• 30mm deep aluminum rim profile is a versatile all-arounder
• TwentyFour series hubs forged from 6061-T6 aluminum for durability, strength, and stiffness
• Sealed cartridge bearings roll super-smooth
• 20 spoke front wheel with radial lacing pattern
• 24 spoke rear wheel with radial/2x lacing pattern
• Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11-speed compatible cassette body
• Weight: 2,060 grams/pair

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Take 20% off orders with coupon code VRC51!

In order to help you better kick off National Bike Month, take 20% off orders of $49+ during the first week of May with Code VRC51. Simply enter the VRC51 coupon code at checkout on your order from Nashbar.

Offer valid through 5/8/16 and the following restrictions apply: Discount cannot be applied to previous purchases, select brands, gift certificates, shipping, handling, or taxes; cannot be combined with any other coupons or sitewide offers.


Take 20% off orders of $49+ with coupon code VRC51

Take 20% off orders of $49+ with coupon code VRC51

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Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth Day 2016!

Here’s hoping you found the time to head outdoors and partake in pedaling a bike amidst Mother Nature.

Celebrating Earth Day 2016 with a 'cross ride in the woods near the home office.

Honoring Earth Day 2016 with a ‘cross ride in the woods near the Nashbar home office.

Here at Nashbar, we have the good fortune to have an entry into a network of trails situated just 2.5 miles – back door to dirt – from our office.

As I try to do virtually every day during the work week, I spent today’s lunch hour in the saddle – and reveled in the glorious green that is a North Carolina spring while putting the ‘cross bike through its paces. It was all the more poignant and relevant as Earth Day 2016‘s global theme is “Trees For The Earth” and we certainly don’t take for granted the wooded space that surrounds us.

Of course we’re preaching to the choir, but cycling certainly plays a role in making a difference on planet Earth. There’s no denying the physical and mental benefits of riding a bike to one’s own person, but there’s also the capacity to use a bike for transportation that is an emissions-free means to get around. So many of our daily trips take place to destinations only a handful of miles from home, so why not opt for the bicycle instead of the car for that trip to the grocery store, pharmacy, library, coffee shop, etc.? And if you work close enough to home, why not ride to work – at least part of the time?

Nashbar can certainly help make those pedal-powered jaunts around town easier via beefier tires, racks and panniers, backpacks and messenger bags, locks, as well as lights. Just a little something to ensure safe, secure travels and carrying capacity.

You can make a difference!

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Nashbar: Your Source For Lynskey Titanium Framesets!

You know you want one. Is there any better way to welcome in a new year of cycling adventure than with a Lynskey titanium frameset? It just so happens that Nashbar is the exclusive North American online retailer for Lynskey framesets – and we currently have nine different 2015 road and cyclocross models to choose from.

Lynskey titanium frame head badge

Details, details, details. An exquisite Lynskey head badge.

But first, a bit about Lynskey. The Lynskey name has long been synonymous with meticulously crafted, world-renowned titanium frames and components. They flat out know titanium. They know how it bends and stretches. They know how it reacts and performs. When it comes to bicycle design, Lynskey knows how to influence titanium better than anyone else in the world. The art of machining, cutting, welding, and polishing titanium demands a meticulous focus. And in an age when nearly every bicycle on the market is made in Asia, Lynskey continues to build their titanium masterworks by hand in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

And now, the framesets…

First up is the Lynskey R460 – a pro-quality superbike that will last a lifetime. Built from tough 6AL/4V titanium, the R460 is a true road racing machine that’s quick, agile, and indestructible. Included with the R460 is the perfect fork to match the frame’s thoroughbred pedigree – the #2 Lynskey Pro Carbon Tapered Road Fork.

The 2015 Lynskey R460 frame

The 2015 Lynskey R460 frame

Looking for a literal twist on a world-class titanium road frameset? The Helix is your dream come true. At the heart of this frameset is Lynskey’s ingenious Helix Technology which entails spirally twisting the 3AL/2.5V grade titanium down tube and seat stays to increase the torsional, vertical, and horizontal stiffness of the frame. Included with the Helix frame is the perfect fork to complement such a magnificent, race-ready thoroughbred – the #2 Lynskey Pro Carbon Tapered Road Fork.

The 2015 Lynskey Helix frame

The 2015 Lynskey Helix frame

The Lynskey R240 is their most popular frameset as it’s fully capable to handle the performance demands of road competition all the while providing enough comfort to make your longest of rides a superbly pleasant endeavor. This frameset also includes the #2 Lynskey Pro Carbon Tapered Road Fork.

The 2015 Lynskey R240 frame

The 2015 Lynskey R240 frame

If medium to long-distance road riding is your cup of tea – particularly events like grand fondos – the Lynskey Sportive road frame and fork delivers on all counts. Its 3AL/2.5V titanium tubing features curved seatstays for added comfort while the semi-relaxed geometry makes the Sportive a well-balanced and reliable machine for long days, rough roads, commutes, light touring, and just about any road you decide to explore. This frameset also includes the #2 Lynskey Pro Carbon Tapered Road Fork.

The 2015 Lynskey Sportive frame

The 2015 Lynskey Sportive frame

The Lynskey R265 frame and fork is Lynskey’s modern rendition of the classic road bike — lovingly rendered in titanium, of course. The frame’s double and triple-butted 3/2.5 aerospace grade titanium tubeset is responsive, compliant, and rides with silky smoothness. This frameset includes the #1 Lynskey Pro Carbon Road Fork.

The 2015 Lynskey R265 frame

The 2015 Lynskey R265 frame

Perhaps the perfect long distance road bike is the Lynskey R265 road disc frame and fork, featuring all the attributes of the aforementioned R265 but set up for disc brakes. This frameset includes the #3 Lynskey Pro Carbon Disc Road Fork.

The 2015 Lynskey R265 Disc frame and fork

The 2015 Lynskey R265 Disc frame (with included #3 Lynskey Pro Carbon disc road fork)

Brand new for 2015, the Lynskey R140 road frame and fork provides real-world affordability that is firmly steeped in three decades of high performance titanium bike building heritage from the Lynskey brothers. Included with the R140 frame is a fork worthy of the frame’s pedigree and on-the-road performance – the #1 Lynskey Pro Carbon Road Fork.

The 2015 Lynskey R140 frame

The 2015 Lynskey R140 frame

Light, stiff, strong, bombproof, and built to last a lifetime. That’s the essence of the Lynskey ProCross frame and fork – a titanium dream machine designed for the rigors of cyclocross no matter if you’re seeking the top step of the podium or enjoying an epic day in the woods exploring fire roads and trails. The perfect complement to the ProCross is the fork included with frameset — the #4 Lynskey Pro Carbon Cyclocross Disc Fork.

The 2015 Lynskey ProCross frame

The 2015 Lynskey ProCross frame

Proudly touted as the “Swiss Army Knife” of bikes, the Cooper CX frame and fork is Lynskey’s version of a do-it-all titanium masterpiece. The Cooper CX is not only at home in the cyclocross realm, but its design also makes for an ideal gravel grinding/dirt road explorer replete with all the comfort necessary for long days in the saddle. This frameset features the Lynskey Endurance Carbon Disc Road Fork that’s an ideal choice for both cyclocross and endurance events on dirt or pavement.

The 2015 Lynskey Cooper CX frame

The 2015 Lynskey Cooper CX frame

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