Chris Akrigg on a Cyclocross Bike: Nashbar Video Roundup

We love watching insane Chris Akrigg videos, and his latest edit doesn’t disappoint! This time he trades in his mountain bike for a ride on a cyclocross bike. But just because he’s on skinnier tires he’s not going to stop showing off his impeccable riding skills. He’s still Chris Akrigg, after all. He rides his ‘cross bike on singletrack:

akrigg_cross_3And up stairs more smoothly than we could probably walk them:

akrigg_crossOver any and all obstacles in his path:

akrigg_cross_2And even through a muddy stream – since this is cyclocross after all:

akirgg_cross_3Basically Chris Akrigg does what he always does – have a blast riding his bike, all while making it look remarkably easy to do some amazing things. Check it out the latest Chris Akrigg video:

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