Viva Italia! Introducing Gaerne Carbon G. Chrono road shoes

Recently added to our mix, Nashbar is now your source for Gaerne cycling shoes. Italy – the spiritual home of professional cycling – is synonymous with exquisite cycling footwear and if you’re not yet familiar with Italy’s Gaerne brand then prepare to be wowed.

One gem in particular is their flagship Carbon G.Chrono road shoe at the pinnacle of their impressive range.

Stop and drool

While not entirely scientific in its metrics and method, our office’s “stop and drool” test consists of placing a cycling product prominently at the end of said copywriter’s desk, in an area of the building relatively highly trafficked, and watching the effect on passersby. The result? Gaerne’s Carbon G.Chrono road shoe never failed to stop even the most jaded of our building’s cycling aficionados and cognoscenti in their tracks for a moment (often protracted) of admiration and, dare we say, unadulterated lust. (Thoughts of installing a clear plastic buffet sneeze guard for shoe viewing purposes were bandied about to keep said shoes in pristine condition).

Gaerne Carbon G.Chrono shoes  - the ultimate in sleek, stylish, high-performance Italian footwear

Gaerne Carbon G.Chrono shoes – the ultimate in sleek, stylish, high-performance Italian footwear

But the Carbon G.Chrono’s features even trump its considerable aesthetic appeal. Its foundation is Gaerne’s premier EPS lightweight full carbon sole – a rock solid, ultra-thin and unquestionably stiff platform. Dual BOA L5s take care of the closure system providing uniform fastening, no pressure points and exemplary air circulation in the absence of straps and buckle systems. Laser perforations and mesh panels in the microfiber uppers plus a perforated tongue provide even more ventilation.

For those who swear by white cycling footwear, the Gaerne Carbon G.Chrono road shoe also has you covered

For those who swear by white cycling footwear, the Gaerne Carbon G.Chrono road shoe also has you covered

Taken as a whole this shoe fits like a glove, propels your bike like a rocket, and is built to last for the long haul.

Just ask Stefano Pirazzi (Bardiani-CSF), a stage winner in this year’s Giro d’Italia with Gaerne Carbon G.Chrono shoes on his feet.

Stefano Pirazzi and his Gaerne Carbon G.Chrono  shoes prevail in stage 17 at the 2014 Giro d'Italia

Stefano Pirazzi and his Gaerne Carbon G.Chrono shoes prevail in stage 17 at the 2014 Giro d’Italia

And if the Gaerne Carbon G.Chrono road shoe isn’t quite your cup of tea, don’t fret! Nashbar still has you covered with a wide assortment of other Gaerne shoes, both road and mountain, over a range of price points. Viva Italia!

Gaerne lowdown

Tucked away in the north-eastern part of Italy, and located just around the corner in the town of Maser from shoe rival Sidi, Gaerne has been producing world class cycling shoes (as well as boots worn by the stars of the motorsport realm) since its inception in 1962.

The word Gaerne itself is rooted in the name of the company’s founder, Ernesto Gazzola. In formal settings in Italy, it’s the norm to have the family name precede the first name, hence Gaerne comes from GAzzola ERNEsto.

“Whoever wears my shoes, should be proud every day as the Gaerne name stands for quality without compromise,” said Gazzola, and we couldn’t agree more.

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Video Recap – On-board Cameras at Le Tour de France

One of the coolest aspect of this year’s Tour de France was the fact that the UCI allowed a limited use of on-board cameras during the racing. While we only got to see the results at the end of each day’s racing, it still provided a whole new insight into how the dynamics of a pro tour race play out inside the peloton. High speeds, joviality, yelling, bumping, crazy fans – it’s all there for us to see what it’s really like from the inside of the race. We’ve rounded up all of the footage that we could find for your enjoyment – it might make for a great trainer supercut when the weather keeps you inside!

First up is the most unusual video of this year’s race – Kevin Reza of Team Europcar picked up a spectator’s sports camera, while riding at 30 miles an hour, after it was knocked out of the fan’s grip and it clattered across the road! Reza then proceeded to take a quick tour of the peloton,  before enventually handing it off to his team car (and eventually finding its way to its owner):

The Tour de France organizers did a great job of rounding up footage from multiple riders after most of the stages – while we can’t embed the videos here on the blog, check out these links to see all of the action: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3Stage 4, Stage 5:


 Stage 8, Stage 9, Stage 11, Stage 12, Stage 13:


Stage 15Stage 16, Stage 18, Stage 19:


Plus don’t forget that pro women cyclists were a part of this year’s Tour, tackling La Course by Le Tour de France on the Champs Elysees just hours before the men finished up. Here’s great on-board footage from Marianne Vos as took the sprint win:

And finally, just for fun, here’s one more look at the guy popping a wheelie next to Vincenzo Nibali and Team Astana during the final stage:


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SRAM Red 2013 – A Perfect 10

Sure, 11-speed drivetrains are all the rage these days in the world of high-end road components, but for Nashbar that means the cream of the 10-speed crop is ripe for the picking at stunning price reductions.

And what a ridiculously sweet deal we have for you regarding a groundbreaking and utterly awesome gruppo in SRAM Red 2013: the lightest 10-speed group out there, chock full of carbon goodness, ingenious Yaw front derailleur shifting, superb ergonomics, and stunning aesthetics.

SRAM stated that in their flagship 10-speed group “each part was engineered with the twin goals of eliminating the superfluous while focusing on an overall synergy”. Translation: Each component will blow your mind.

SRAM Red 2013 Rear Derailleur

SRAM Red 2013 Rear Derailleur

Behold the SRAM Red Aeroglide Rear Derailleur, gracing the cover of our most recent catalog. If you like smooth, quiet, precise and efficient shifts – all in a svelte 151 gram package – then the time is now for an upgrade.

And if running lower gears in a compact drivetrain is more your cup of tea, then the SRAM Red Aeroglide Medium Cage Rear Derailleur is just the ticket. With its extended cage, an 11-32T cassette can be utilized to scale any mountain.

SRAM Red 2013 Shift/Brake Lever

SRAM Red 2013 Shift/Brake Lever

We’ve also got ripping deals on the 2013 SRAM Red 10-Speed Shift/Brake Lever Set – re-engineered for better ergonomics and lighter weight from the original 10-speed Red – plus the game-changing 2013 SRAM Red Front Derailleur with its YAW technology which eliminates the need to trim the front derailleur.

SRAM Red 2013 Yaw Front Derailleur

SRAM Red 2013 Yaw Front Derailleur

And who doesn’t want exquisitely crafted stopping power at one’s fingertips? The 2013 SRAM Red Caliper Brake (sold individually for front/rear) – light, sleek, and aerodynamic – will drop you down out of warp drive with precision modulation.

SRAM Red 2013 Brake Caliper

SRAM Red 2013 Brake Caliper

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Nashbar Welcomes Worksman Cycles

Seeing “Made in the USA” on a bicycle is a rare event these days, but did you know that a manufacturer has been continuously producing American-made bicycles in New York City since 1898? And that their distinctive, classic, and timeless creations are now available for purchase on Bike Nashbar?

Worksman Cycles Retro Cruiser

Chrome galore on the Worksman Cycles Retro Cruiser

Say hello to Worksman Cycles.

We at Nashbar know a thing or two about longevity in the bicycle retail business with more than 40 years of experience under our collective belt, and we’re proud to partner with New York City’s venerable Worksman Cycles brand whose 116 years in the bike biz makes us feel very young.

And speaking of young, all of Worksman Cycles’ offerings on Bike Nashbar will make you feel young at heart – whether it’s a retro cruiser chock full of chrome, versatile single or multi-speed roadsters, or even a retro trike for those enamored with pedal-powered pleasure on three wheels. Additionally, there’s a special edition cruiser that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project and pays tribute to our nation’s military heroes.

Each and every Worksman Cycles bicycle is built on-demand and once your order is placed then their craftsmen commence to building your bike truly from scratch – machining, welding and painting the frame; hand-building the wheels; topped off with final assembly of the components – all at their manufacturing facility in Ozone Park, Queens, New York City.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Worksman Cycles has had plenty of time to hone and perfect their craft. They’re proud to be the USA’s oldest bicycle manufacturer, tracing their roots back to 1898 when Morris Worksman started the eponymous bicycle business in lower Manhattan on the very footprint of what would become the World Trade Center. Now located in Queens, in a facility that meets 25% of its energy demands through solar power, they’ve continued to crank out a range of bicycles built to last, from workhorse industrial bicycles to chrome-festooned cruisers.

And now’s your chance to make one of these beauties your own!

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A Tribute to Road Bike Party 2 to a Goat on a Bike – Nashbar Video Round Up

Every now and then we like to do a quick roundup of the most entertaining viral bike videos we’ve seen lately – this week definitely needs to start with Italian trials superstar Vittorio Brumotti, who was inspired by Road Bike Party 2 and Martyn Ashton:

Next up is a fan-made GoPro video of the ascent of Monte Zoncolan during the 2014 Giro d’Italia – while we certainly don’t condone interfering with the riders as they make their way up these difficult ascents, it’s pretty cool to see the pros at the back of the peloton having a good time with the crowd:

Another one that caught our attention was this video of some trials riding on bikeshare bikes in London. OK, maybe the bikes have been heavily modified, but it’s still some impressive skill:

And finally, it’s a goat riding a guy riding a bicycle – we have nothing to add to this. Just watch:

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